Información para presentadores y moderadores

CPR LATAM Conference Best Practices for Speakers and Moderators:

General recommendations:
- Each room is equipped with a computer and a projector. Please plan on arriving in a timely fashion to download your presentation and avoid spending time during the session.
- A technician will check each room at the beginning of each session to make sure that there are no technical difficulties. If you have a problem during the middle of your session, please send someone to the registration desk for assistance

- Authors’ papers can be downloaded at CPR LATAM web site, following the links in the conference program at http://www.cprlatam.org/program.html.
- The presentations can be performed in any one of the three official languages of the conference (English, Spanish and Portuguese). Simultaneous translation may not be available at all sessions. Moderators should speak English with the audience and speakers unless they agree on a different language.
- It is imperative that you maintain the order for presentations listed in the conference materials. Attendees will assume that the papers will be presented in that order and will plan accordingly. They may wish to attend presentations in simultaneous sessions.
- Please start and end on time. This is a tight schedule and the only way to assure presenters have their full time allotment is to start and end on time.
- Please keep the presentations within time limits. Presenters have 15 minutes for presentation. You may wish to sit in a location where you can easily indicate time remaining to the presenter.
- While you are the time keeper, your primary job is to help stimulate attendee questions at the end of the session.
- Please keep introductions short.
- You have 15 minutes for your presentation. You will generally have difficulty presenting your full paper during this time. Instead, present the most exciting or intriguing aspect of work. Present your thesis or present a selection of your key findings.
- Remember that CPR LATAM is a cross-disciplinary multi-viewpoint conference. Please avoid jargon. Anticipate that if you do drop into jargon and acronyms, someone from the audience will likely stop you and ask you to define your terms.
- Conversely, while members of the audience may not be from your discipline, the average educational and training level of attendees is high. You need not dumb down your presentation.
- Avoid lengthy introductions. Move swiftly into your presentation.
- Avoid spending significant time discussing methodology. Instead, focus on your findings.
- Papers will be presented in the order that they are listed in the conference program.